Advanced Roldeck motors

The Roldeck can be fitted with a tubular motor or an external motor.

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Tubular Motors

A tubular motor is integrated in the winding shaft. The Roldeck tubular motor is the solution for new swimming pools, renovation and/or subsequently installed covers, particularly in situations where a high ground-water level can cause problems. The nitrogen-filled driving motor is located in a watertight housing in the winding axle. An inbuilt pressure sensor permanently monitors the pressure of the nitrogen filling in the tubular motor, which is provided with a 10 m1-long cable as standard.

The Roldeck tubular motor is available in 2 versions:
Through the wall (through a wall duct at the level of the shaft)
Along the wall (through a cable duct on the inside of the pool)

External motors

In addition to the tubular motor, there is the option to equip the Roldeck with an external motor. In contrast to the tubular motor, the winding shaft is driven by a motor that is installed in a motor well on the outside of the pool. The transmission is through a motor shaft in a wall duct at the level of the shaft. To make the motor installation easier, a motor well can be supplied, which prevents construction work.

Operating equipment

A control system will take the work out of your hands. So there is more time to relax in your swimming pool.

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