Inbuilt covers

The most aesthetic finish for a Roldeck® swimming-pool cover is built in under the patio behind the swimming pool. The swimming-pool cover is then completely removed from sight when open and the space around your swimming pool remains free of obstacles.

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Inbuilt below ground

For Roldeck covers installed in the pool, Starline has developed polyester-vinylester finishes that safely and neatly seal the winding construction. All these finishes are manually pivotable, so maintenance and any necessary servicing is simple.

Built into the wall

The most attractive solution for removing a Roldeck® swimming-pool cover system from sight is by installing the system under the patio or garden. When the cover is open, it will completely disappear from view. You then have plenty of room in and around the swimming pool. Most swimming-pool lines by Starline® are/can be provided with a Roldeck niche. The niche contains the shaft with which the swimming-pool cover can be automatically rolled up. The automation of a Roldeck® takes place through a control cabinet, an operation panel and a hand-held transmitter. All Roldeck® swimming-pool slats are suitable for this inbuilt system.

Built into swimming pool

A Roldeck® swimming-pool cover can also be installed in the swimming pool. This can be through a low corner casing at the bottom of the swimming pool (for optimal swimming length). A corner casing is the right choice if there is not sufficient room behind the pool for the installation of a Roldeck niche. All Starline swimming pools can be fitted with a corner casing in the pool. All Roldeck slats are suitable for a system installed behind a corner casing.

Above-ground finish

Less space in the garden or a smaller budget?

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