Operating equipment

Of course you can operate your swimming-pool equipment manually. But why would you, if you can almost completely or partially automate your swimming pool? A control system takes the work off your hands. So there is more time to relax in your swimming pool.

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Roldeck control RD-2013

The technician-friendly RD 2013 is a modular plug-and-play control.

Automatic motor recognition and selection of the optimal control programme, for tubular and external motors
Automatic Soft Start and Soft Stop when operating cover
Output for garden lighting/accessories
Output for underwater lighting (LED lighting)
Connection for child-safety lock
If desired, delayed turning on and off of filter pump
If desired, delayed turning on and off of jet stream
Connector for pressure measurement (for tubular motors)


S-Switch can be installed either built in, in a wall-contact box, or surface-mounted with the bracket provided
Extensive fault-code diagnosis system, through which faults can be more easily recognised.
Adjustment of your Roldeck takes place through the S-Switch
After 15 minutes, the S-Switch automatically locks, so it can only be operated after unlocking.
Control of RGB LEDs (pulsing RGB, such as our Ignia LED lamps)
Also available in white

Remote control

The following functions are available via the remote control:

Roldeck: Open, Stop, Close
✔ LED underwater lighting On/Off/Change RGB colour
✔ Jet stream On/Off
✔ 1 channel to be programmed freely

Advanced Roldeck motors

The Roldeck can be fitted with a tubular motor or an external motor.

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