These high-quality, impact-resistant and insulating PVC slats are available in no fewer than three versions: opaque coloured, transparent in the colour blue and a solar version. Something for everyone.

PVC Solar

These PVC slats, which are 50 mm wide, transfer the heat from the sun to the swimming pool water. So the swimming water is warmed by the very first rays of sun.

PVC Transparant

These blue transparent PVC slats, which are 50 mm wide, create an atmospheric look in the evening, in combination with underwater lighting.

PVC Opaque

These PVC slats have a width of 50 mm and are available in four opaque slat colours. So there is always a colour that fits in your garden and/or swimming pool.

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The main characteristics are:

Energy-saving  ✔ Highly insulating effect  ✔ Resistant to hail and storms  ✔ Available in six varieties: Transparent Blue, Solar, Grey, Blue, Cream and White