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A solid partner

Roldeck® has been a leader in the field of swimming pool covers since 1973.

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Roldeck values solid

The first Roldeck was manufactured more than 50 years ago and since then we have been at the forefront of new developments in the world of automatic swimming pool covers. With the well-known high quality of the Roldeck® products and distribution of these products through an extensive and professional network of dealers, swimming pool builders and technicians throughout Europe, Roldeck shows that it is a solid and reliable company.

Made in Belgium

As a producer of swimming pool covers, quality and innovation are at the top of the agenda.

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Made in belgium

The R&D team works every day to continue to develop our products but they also look at various other aspects of our products, from installation, and user-friendliness to quality. They do this using the most advanced configuration software system there is. The advanced production facility, covering more than 10,000 m2, is located in Pelt (Belgium).

Safety as a top priority

The Roldeck not only saves energy and maintenance, it also increases safety for children and pets.

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The strong slats provide a construction that can withstand a bump. With a simple feature that supports the slats in emergencies, an electric locking device and a child-safety lock, you have a very safe cover. The Roldeck with child-safety lock are certified in accordance with French standard NF P90-308.


With a Roldeck, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 86% per year.

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Energy saving

A pool also looks great covered with a Roldeck. It is easy to operate and sustainable. The energy saving can amount to as much as 86%. If you choose solar slats, you are choosing free swimming pool heating. These slats transfer the heat from the sun to the swimming pool water.

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Open or closed, always impressive

The installation of the Roldeck® cover can be carried out in different shapes and sizes: round, rectangular, angled or a complicated combination, everything is possible. The cover can be surface-mounted or built-in. If it's installed in the built-in version, the Roldeck cover will be rolled up out of sight in a Roldeck niche under the terrace or under the steps.

The wide range of Roldeck® slats offers many possibilities thanks to the divers options and colour options. So there is always a slat that meets your wishes for a beautiful covered pool in size and colour. For example if you choose the transparent blue or crystal clear slats, in the evening you can enjoy the wonderful translucent effect when the underwater lighting is on. The solar slats transfer the heat from the sun to the swimming pool water. The swimming water will be warmed by the very first sun rays.


Roldeck® has quality 100% under control from the digital order system to delivery and is flexible when it comes to exceptions

Ronald Bos

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I just want to thank you for the opportunity you have given me to join you and the team to do a sales, product and technical training at Starline Roldeck in Belgium. I understand their product better and can approach customers confidently. Visiting the well-established brand has given me confidence to market and develop the product in the Gauteng Region of South-Africa. We have really chosen the best automatic product and we’re backed up by skilled staff, their technical skills are outstanding. I personally thank Starline Roldeck and its friendly employees for their hospitality and good training they provided.



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The Roldeck® covers have an excellent price-quality ratio.



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Roldeck® is a good product, where quality, innovation and user-friendliness are key.



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High quality

At Roldeck®, we strive for perfection. Use of the most modern manufacturing techniques also means that we can always supply a product with exactly the right dimensions and that functions correctly. Only the best materials are used, which guarantees a long lifespan. The quality of every Roldeck is checked again when leaving the factory and this is always supplied as an installation-ready package with all necessary parts and materials. This way, Roldeck® guarantees a cover that will offer a lot of enjoyment and convenience.