Afstandsbediening Roldeck

Roldeck® launches a new remote control

We are always looking for new ways to make our products as user-friendly as possible. That is why we have developed a unique remote control with some new specifications and an elegant design. These innovations ensure a better functionality and a more modern look.

The first notable adjustment is the reorganisation of the buttons. At the top you can find the largest button with which the Roldeck® can be opened and closed. The lighting around the button lights up when the button is activated. In addition, the adapted technology behind this ensures a longer battery life. At the bottom there are three buttons with different symbols, which correspond with the symbols on the s- Switch. These buttons control the jet stream, the swimming pool lighting and the garden lighting.

In addition, the curved design of the remote control ensures ergonomic use. The range of the remote control has also been improved. The receiver is integrated in the s-switch; therefor, you can operate your Roldeck® from a greater distance. The batteries are easy to replace and generally available.

You still have an old s-Switch but are curious about our new remote control ? No problem, the new remote control works on both, the old and the new s-Switch!